My name is Anne Stroom, 24 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands. I am a recently graduated bachelor student from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Where I studied the department ‘Man and Communication’.
However ‘miscommunication’ also occurs, so perhaps better words to describe the department would be
‘Media and Culture’.

As a child I always wanted to know how things work and why things are. Fascinated by psychology and still driven by these questions, I often reflect on the human behaviors and emotions.

I am an empathizing observer, who listens carefully and collects information.

I believe that in the future we have to move beyond the idea of quantified self to an Understood Self. People use devices to monitor measurable behaviors. For this data to mean anything, we have to change our behavior. Therefore I try to make people more aware of their feelings and attitudes.

I like to make people realize, rethink and maybe even adapt their doing.